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March 2010

Mr Brad Sugars, founder and CEO of the very controversial business coaching franchise, ActionCoach,  has some very personal views on the subject of transparency.

Under ever increasing attack on social media from the many ex-franchisees who criticize ActionCoach for misrepresentation, over-promising and under-delivering and generally squeezing every dollar possible  out of those who fall for the sales hype, Mr Sugars says “ Answer EVERY allegation with total transparency but only do it on a site that YOU CONTROL…never answer on their site, put a link from their site to a site you control…” 

That statement was made on   a little less than a year ago and at the same time Mr Sugars was creating a whole series of new sites with the intention of completely swamping the web with sites under his control and thus effectively silencing the dissenting voices.   This strategy was outlined in a post he did on, the corporate website on May 5th 2009 and anyone who does a Google search using the words ActionCoach + Fraud or Scam can see exactly how it was implemented.

In parallel to this, unidentified spammers and hackers were doing their best to make the busiest and best ranked independent blogs about ActionCoach disappear.

The blog which ranked on the first page of  Google searches about Brad Sugars and ActionCoach was first heavily attacked by spammers and then, conveniently for ActionCoach, renamed as

For now this blog can still be accessed but  the renaming removed it from the top of the Google rankings and recently it has disappeared completely from the Google rankings.

Another blog, , which scored well in Google rankings was also renamed as

and in the process  also disappeared from the Google rankings.

Lastly, yet another very popular blog,

was attacked by hackers who deleted all of the posts. There is no proof about who has been doing all of this but it is perfectly obvious who benefits from the crime.

There are still many posts on www.ripoffreport which provide some counter weight to the ActionCoach propaganda machine and recently a good blog was started on another site called

This particular site has some very good files you can download which go a long way to explaining why Brad Sugars and ActionCoach give such a unique meaning to the word transparency. Among other things you will find out that:

1)      Less than 17% of U.S. franchisees are grossing more than 150k/year and that more than 62% are grossing less than 6k/month ie. after all costs are deducted they are grossing pretty well nothing (see screen copy from below).

Link to Ripoffreport

2)     Since August  2006, from a starting worldwide total of 733 coach franchisees, at least  697  have quit ie. almost 100% turnover of franchisees in just over three and half years. Isn’t it just conceivable that the former statistic explains the latter?

3)     While ActionCoach persists in claiming all over that it has “more than 1000 offices in more than 26 countries” the actual figure is around 830 and trending downwards.

So why yet another blog?  Well given everything  ActionCoach is trying to do to prevent people from getting independent information about their franchise, as illustrated yet again with the use of the DMCA here, I believe it is really important that sites such as this continue to exist. Quite simply, the more of them there are, the harder it is for ActionCoach to control the web and continue to deceive people into believing they are buying into a good business.

So, if you an ActionCoach frachisee or  former franchisee and you have interesting stories to tell, please feel free to participate. If you are researching the ActionCoach franchise and have questions, please feel free to ask them. In all cases, the idea is to provide an independent forum for independent discussion about ActionCoach.

Last detail. This blog will be all the more effective if everyone sticks to facts. Thanks!

P.S.  7th  Nov 2010

The authenticity of the screen copy giving the average financial performance of the 295 active coach franchise outlets in the U.S. in June 2009 was never much in doubt and the fact that ActionCoach went to the trouble of having it removed makes it even more obvious. What this means is that ActionCoach has officially and unambiguously  admitted that all the declarations made by  Brad Sugars on about franchise numbers and franchise earnings are the B.S. we always knew they were. If there are still any people around who have any doubts about this, the content of the message Jason Cooksey sent to WordPress to justify the removal of the screen copy from this blog, should get you fully on board. So thank you Jason for finally confirming the  truth about the U.S. franchise numbers and the average earnings by coach.

Here is the message from Jason:

I represent ActionCOACH USA Inc., the exclusive owner of the copyright in the Compilation of ActionMEMBERS created and maintained by my client.  You are the designated agent of WordPress for this notice under 17 U.S.C. § 51(c)(3).  Screenshots of the copyright protected compilation were copied, displayed and distributed through your internet services without authorization.  The infringing copies are located at:

The screen shots of the proprietary compilation of ActionMEMBERS were obtained and uploaded without consent and in violation of the copyright in the materials.  We request that you immediately remove the images and preserve all data, IP addresses, registrations and images for future litigation and produce identifying information regarding the user who posted these images.

The images have been uploaded as a form of harassment as a part of a larger campaign by an individual or individuals on an anonymous internet blog site.

Use of the material has not been authorized by ActionCOACH, its agent, or the law.  The information contained in this notification is accurate, and under penalty of perjury.  I, Jason Cooksey, hereby certify that ActionCOACH has authorized me to act on their behalf and that it is the owner of an exclusive right that is being infringed.


Written by actransparency

March 10, 2010 at 3:38 pm

22 Responses

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  1. Interesting post and thanks for the links. It all sounds almost sinister and I guess you wonder how these guys stay in business.


    March 11, 2010 at 11:22 am

  2. Aw, this was a really quality post. In theory I’d like to write like this too – taking time and real effort to make a good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and never seem to get something done.

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    November 6, 2010 at 8:46 am

  3. It will be fun to see if Jason Cooksey still has a job after that brilliant initiative but then, Actioncoach being ActionCoach, Jason was probably “just obeying orders”.
    One way or another, little now remains of the myths about Brad Sugars and ActionCoach that were so cynically fabricated and maintained over recent years. For most people who invest in the franchise, it is a path to guaranteed failure and for those few fortunate people who do succeed, the figures indicate that it is far more about what they bring to the party than anything provided by Brad & Co. They can go on and on about all the awards they get and get all the court orders in the world, bottom line is this franchise is rotten to the core.
    Jason, who likes to think of himself as a regular sort of guy, would be well advised to join his fellow Aussie, Wayne McCarthy, and leave this sinking ship before he loses what little integrity he has left.

    Idiots Inc.

    November 14, 2010 at 9:59 am

  4. Kinda looks like these guys have shot themselves in the foot again. If anyone from Action needs a cause to coach for, no need to look any further. These guys really need help 🙂

    Coaching for a cause

    November 14, 2010 at 9:53 pm

  5. Given the info above I just can’t resist posting this little gem from Brad Sugars, especially the bit “It seems someone who cannot know the truth is spreading mis-information about earnings of our franchisees”.

    Transparency on ActionCoach Franchisee Earnings by Brad Sugars.
    “It seems that some of the statements are about the income of our franchisees. First and foremost, what our franchisees make is private information and is never disclosed by us at any point in time to anyone.
    Second of all, we simply do not and more to the point, cannot legally make a global earnings claim. We are a franchise and all franchise laws are entirely different in different countries and here in the USA, even different in different states. It seems someone who cannot know the truth is spreading mis-information about earnings of our franchisees, which again has to be a guess as this information is just simply not published outside this building.
    Third, the bottom-line here is that we don’t operate by a cash register, and rely on our system of coaches entering their KPI information (Key Performance Indicator information) every month.
    Thus even we have trouble getting them to enter all the data, I have no idea how someone else believes they have it completely.”
    Brad Sugars on July 2009

    Since Brad is known to brag a bit about anything positive concerning either himself or ActionCoach, you had to be very naive to believe that he was being prevented from publishing earnings data for the reasons he gave in his post. As it happens, nothing at all prevented him from publishing the figures for the U.S. if he had wanted to. Problem is, he didn’t really want to and it is very obvious why.
    As for our other Aussie mate, Jason Cooksey, trying to sound righteous and threatening litigation against those who have just shed a bit of light on all the mistruths and disinformation spread by ActionCoach, who does he think he is kidding?


    November 16, 2010 at 11:46 am

  6. A recent article in The Economist,, presented some thought provoking material about Psychopathy and Psychopaths. In the typical tongue in cheek style much loved by this journal, the article started with the following paragraph:

    “WHAT makes people psychopaths is not an idle question. Prisons are packed with them. So, according to some, are boardrooms. The combination of a propensity for impulsive risk-taking with a lack of guilt and shame (the two main characteristics of psychopathy) may lead, according to circumstances, to a criminal career or a business one.”

    There were a good # of comments on this article and I figured the one below might come as a bit of a BFO (*) for the legions of past and remaining survivors of the ActionCoach franchise.

    “Clinical psychopathy is very serious problem in the modern world, and while some who are wired in this very harmful way may manipulate or claw their way into a boardroom, it is almost unheard of for clinical psychopaths to actually build a business based on original thought, creativity, and effort.
    Psychopaths might excel at building some types of businesses — those where robber baron skills are key, or exploiting others or undermining competitors through devious if not unlawful means. But those who are clinical psychopaths should absolutely not be equated to those who have build great and original enterprises.
    Psychopaths are more like non-creative, soul-less mimics who can manipulate and maneuver shamelessly to achieve higher position and status for themselves. It is noteworthy that they very, very rarely are very gifted, despite sometimes sounding impressive, likely due to showing no angst when they make bold pronouncements. (They show no angst because they lack a conscience and therefore don’t feel the shame one would normally feel when making groundless statements — thus can seem highly authoritative and credible while spewing pure hogwash.)
    Psychopaths are in fact behind a very high percentage of the chaos and carnage suffered in the world, and when they get into positions in government, be it in an executive office, the military, the legislature or the judiciary, they can cause tremendous amounts of harm.
    There is no honest cost/benefit or social ecology or other argument which can ever be made in defense of psychopaths. They have caused more human misery than can ever be calculated. Their tiny percentage prevalence is why this harmful aberration persists, but their harm-radius is vastly greater than their prevalence.
    Society would do well to recognize that such individuals exist at many levels of society, and to root them out of any and all positions in which they can harm others, because harm others they will do, again and again and again.
    If psychopathy is found to have a simple clear genetic causality, then society will need to face up to such propositions as this one: it would be wise to pay psychopaths not to reproduce.
    The good news is that given their lack of humanity, most would happily take the money and enter into just such an agreement. Of course the problem is that they would feel no moral obligation to abide by the agreement they made.”

    As they say at the end of the movies, “Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental” …but just don’t ever forget that most fiction is inspired by reality!

    (*) For folks who are unfamiliar with ActionSpeak, BFO = Blinding Flash of the Obvious.

    Clinical Psychopaths

    November 17, 2010 at 3:13 pm

  7. As an ex Action International coach (remember they changed their name to Action Coach only to protect themselves) I can speak with authority on these scammers. Like many on my intake, I was conned at the start. I fell for the glossy picture of the good life and the self propaganda generated by and for Brad Sugars. The training was nothing more than a regurgitation of basic marketing 101 principles. (I knew more before I went into training than the brainwashing allowed me to remember when I came out of it).

    The real problem with Action Coach and the training is that they assume that all business problems are related to Marketing, which anyone with the smallest amount of business sense will tell you is totally crap! If you don’t know how to read a basic business income statement, or cash flow sheet or any other business financial statement, or know how to calculate basic ratios then you are not going to get any good advice from Action Coach training.

    While we are on the subject of Action Coach training, so a two week wonder course makes you an “expert” coach does it? Think about it for a moment; In two weeks you have transformed yourself from an Admin Clerk (I am only using this role as an example of the level and type of person who has bought into this franchise and not in a derogatory way) into an all singing and dancing business expert who can solve all the marketing and business problems of a multi million dollar company, or who can tell a novice start up how to set up and run a new company and market that company to the world. Why bother having an MBA course or a BA in Business when you can do all this in just two weeks. Hang on a minute, this sounds a lot like those scam emails you get about Earn Your Degree in just six months!

    The three joint ML’s for Action Coach Canada, Steve Thompson, Francois Perreualt and Richard Verkley, all based in Calgary Alberta, enjoyed their Master Licence relationship with Brad Sugars so much that they, along with Brian Tracey who is not an Action Coach, set up a competitive franchise called FocalPoint International. Now obviously this is and was completely against the rules of any franchise, especially when you, as the Action International master licence, set up a competitive business AND then have the nerve to show it off a few stalls down from the Action International franchise you should be representing at the local Franchise Show. So if you are thinking of buying a FocalPoint International franchise then you are really buying into the same Action Coach idea. By the way the other name you may see on the internet related to Focal Point is Dominic Rubino. FYI he was also an Action International coach trainer. Like the other coach trainers he did nothing but assign blame.
    Check out

    If that wasn’t enough, then when the lawsuits started getting a little to close for comfort the Canadian ML’s (Steve Thompson, Francois Perreualt and Richard Verkley) simply up sticks and left the country for the US leaving in the lurch a whole community of Canadian coaches. They are all now selling FocalPoint International coaching franchises.

    If you have any basic business sense then buying an Action Coach franchise will not improve your general knowledge. It will make you feel very inferior and loose some level of confidence, because if you fail to get your client to sign up then it is ALWAYS your fault, and that is all you will learn from your two week training.

    Assigning blame is always at the root of the training, and even your weekly telephone “coaching calls” with your assigned coaching expert do nothing but admonish you for not getting the client signed up. Casting blame at someone is not even close to being a coach, so why bother going on the coaching calls when the so called “coach experts” do nothing but blame you for not being able to sign up a client.

    As for Brad Sugars and his Five Ways and, 12 points, and his so called quality range of marketing books, well once again it’s all fluff and nonsense. Its Marketing 101 stuff that you will have come across at school, I mean high school, and the books contain nothing more than plagiarised comments from other real marketing experts.

    When I bought into my franchise, there was nothing detrimental on the internet about Brad Sugars or Action International, and so I believed that I had done my due diligence. It was only later that the truth began to emerge. Had I seen the bad press that is available now then there is no way that I would have ever considered this franchise or other similar franchises as a viable opportunity.

    Ex Action Coach

    January 5, 2011 at 9:21 am

    • Hi.
      The idea behind this blog was to level the playing field and insure that anyone researching ActionCoach got to hear both sides of the story before signing on the dotted line. It is obvious from the very sharp fall of in recruitment since 2008 -09 that this is having quite some effect. No longer finding it so easy to prey on unsuspecting people in the U.S. and other developed countries, ActionCoach is now trying to get a foothold in places where less is know about them, like India and China and we can only hope that enough of these people speak English to get full info before making decisions they will later regret.
      Where ActionCoach pisses me off big time is when they go beyond misrepresentation and lying by omission (already bad enough) and actively try to prevent any other information getting on line. Brad rants on about personal attacks etc. etc.. but the real issue is that no one in their right mind would buy into the ActionCoach franchise if they knew the full story and that is why ActionCoach tries so hard to prevent that story from getting out. Happily for all, they have so far been very unsucessful in their attemps to control information but until there are similar blogs in other languages they can still make some inroads in foreign countries.


      February 13, 2011 at 1:20 am

    • It is always best to check the facts the men below were also taken advantage of by Brad Sugars and his organization but fought back against the smears and won the legal case spoken about above. Unfortunately those who purport to know have not checked the facts but believe the lies told to the by Brad to cover up his own abuses and failings the court record is clear please be informed and read below.

      The following details the recent Judgment in the lawsuit between Richard Verkley, Stephen Thompson, Francois Perreault, Action Canada (AIC) and Action Australia PTY (AIPL).

      The reason I am sending this today is because I have just recently become aware of the facts behind this lawsuit by receiving the actual final court judgment and I believe we should all be aware of the injustice that has been done.

      I am sending this email as well because I am ashamed of the treatment that was given to Richard Verkley, Steve Thompson, Francois Perreault and the AIC staff over this affair. I say this because I believed the lies that were told by Brad Sugars and Vic and others at AIPL that these individuals had broken there contract and had acted illegally. They were also falsely accused of inappropriate use of the Canadian marketing fund by AIPL, and a few Canadian coaches, and especially Jim Argue who’s main interest was to discredit them so he could gain control of AI Canada for a fire sale price. These made up allegations have now also been proven to be unfounded. .

      I know now from reading the final Judgment available E&Ys website
      that none of the things that these men were accused of were true. I also know that AIPL provided no evidence in the trail and never had any evidence to substantiate any of there claims against them.
      (Clink link below or paste in browser) once there look under the heading
      OTHER COURT MATERIALS: Reasons for judgment dated November 9, 2005

      The following are the key issues and accusations that were leveled by AIPL against AIC and the gentlemen above.

      That AIC had breached its contract by not disclosing its involvement with FocalPoint. The Judge ruled there was no evidence to support AIPL’s assertion that AIC had breached the contract on this point. The judge also ruled that even if AIPL had provided such evidence this would still not have resulted in a breach of the contract as the contract did not in actuallity allow for such a breach based on a plain reading of the contract, so even if AIC had done what it was accused of it still would not have breached the contract as told to us by AIPL, Brad and Vic.
      See page 7 lines 6-27 of the attached Judgment.
      See page 8 lines 1-19

      Also it was clearly pointed out that even if AIC had been DIRECTLY involved with FocalPoint there would have still have been no breach of the contract or the need to disclose.
      See page 8 lines 16-22

      The court also states there was no fraudulent behavior on the part of AIC therefore it was AIPL that would have to live up to there contractual obligations or basically, it was AIPL not AIC that was not honoring its obligations.
      See page 8 line 27
      See page 9 lines 1-3

      Next AIPL attempted to rescind the AIC’s renewal agreement, they attempted to do this by claiming misrepresentation yet they had no actual information to substantiate their claim. Once they had actually gained the all of the information from all parties it was clear that there was still no misrepresentation yet they pressed ahead anyway with a claim that was unsubstantiated.
      See page 9 lines 4-26

      The courts final findings were that:
      1. AIPL’s claims against AIC were dismissed
      2. That the Master License agreement was valid and binding.
      3. That AIC would catch up the royalties it had stopped paying once the lawsuit was launched by AIPL See page 10, lines 3-16
      4. That the CCAA or insolvency was essentially caused by AIPL
      See page 10, lines 20 and 21

      A substantial penalty was meted out to AIPL by the court due to the frivolous and unsubstantiated nature of AIPL’s lawsuit. This penalty is uncommon in this type of hearing and therefore costs were awarded to AIC and MFIT because AIPL’s claims were so unsubstantiated.
      See page 10 lines 17-26

      Once again I am ashamed that I believed the lies that were spread about these men the true facts are that they were great supporters and pioneers of the Action system they developed many of the tools and processes that we all use today. They shared freely of any advancements they had created with the entire system, while Brad took credit for their work and sent out their materials and systems as if they were his own.

      They gave us the new logo, professional marketing pieces, the twelve week post training program, group coaching, a coach’s website which was still better than the one we have today and many, many other improvements to the system. They truly lived with abundance.

      When Action USA was struggling they fought for the Masters and Coaches to get proper support from AIPL and in the interim they volunteered to help anyone in need, Masters and Coaches. They spent countless hours coaching, training and supporting Masters not only in the USA but Mexico and Europe they encouraged their coaches as well to help when Brad and AIPL would not send any support and they created a real culture in Action of helping one another. They did all of this at their own expense because they believed in the Action culture statement and actually lived it.

      Any of us who attended a Canadian conference knows how genuine AIC was, everyone wanted to emulate their model except AIPL. When the FocalPoint opportunity presented itself they offered to share their good fortune with all of Action once again showing their abundance. Vic and Brad promptly turned them down. AIPL’s answer was scarcity in the form of frivolous lawsuits to cause purposeful harm to them and their character.

      So what has been the result – Action has lost their soul. They attacked honest men and turned all of those whom they had helped against them by spreading vicious rumors and lies. AIPL was aided by the weak who did not stand up for the very men that had stood up for them. Many coaches took advantage of the lies and situation created by AIPL and refused to pay their royalties. They were abandoned by almost everyone who new them in the Action system save a few that refused to be swayed by the lies. Their reputations have been smeared and many incorrect or scandalous things have been written about them based on AIPL’s lies. Their families have been damaged and they have lost untold sums financially because of these lies.

      My only way to atone for my shortcomings and behavior is to make sure the Facts were told. I also know when my renewal comes up I will not be rejoining Action. I will be looking for an organization that lives its own culture statement and that has leaders who live it themselves. I will do this in hopes of continuing my coaching career and living the culture with people who actually know what it means.

      So what are the ultimate results, what goes around comes around, go to you will see the top franchises as voted by the franchisees themselves, you will see that FocalPoint is 11th out of 50 and Action is 39th, culture is everything in our business.

      I encourage any of you who were once their friends to let them know, that you now know the truth, better late than never. We have obviously lost out because of the lies and scarcity shown by AIPL and its top Management. See the FACTS go to once there look under the heading
      OTHER COURT MATERIALS: Reasons for judgment dated November 9, 2005

      I am sure that there will be many excuses and denials as to what has been said here but the facts are in black and white in the Judgment for all to see. The end result will be, someone else will be blamed, and this is what you would expect from a leadership that lives below the line.

      I suggest a review by AIPL and its leaders on these following points of Culture as they seem to have been forgotten or not understood.

      # 2 Ownership, # 3 Integrity, # 5 Communication, # 6 Success, # 10 Fun, # 13 Gratitude, # 14 Abundance

      John Webber

      October 6, 2011 at 5:36 pm

      • They were also falsely accused of inappropriate use of the Canadian marketing fund by AIPL, and a few Canadian coaches, and especially Jim Argue who’s main interest was to discredit them so he could gain control of AI Canada for a fire sale price.

        The real truth…not a chance. Just want to set the record straight after all these years. Careful what you say Mr. Webber. It may come back to haunt you in the future.


        June 26, 2017 at 4:04 pm

  8. About a year ago, a pdf file containing a list of the 782 active ActionCoach franchisees was published at this address:

    A little over a year later it is interesting to check on what has happened to the people on this list. As expected there are no real surprises, ActionCoach continues to be ActionCoach with far more losers than winners. Still truly amazing that this franchise, with such an appalling attrition rate among the ranks of it’s own franchisees, continues to consider that it is qualified to teach anyone how to run a business. Out of a starting total of 782 franchisees, 201 quit the franchise ie. more than 25% attrition in just over one year.

    The only good news in all of this is that this is no longer a secret and apart from a little growth in new territories where people don’t know better, numbers leaving the franchise continue to be far higher than numbers entering, almost 2 exits for every new person recruited.

    The boast about more than a 1000 offices in more than 20, 30, 40 countries, statelets, provinces or whatever sounds more hollow every day and no matter how hard Brad Sugars’s henchman, Jason Cooksey, tries to prevent the truth be known, he is fighting a losing battle.

    Here is the list of those that quit over the last 12 months.

    Ken Molvick Canada Alberta
    Marc Shandro Canada Alberta
    John Niewenburg Canada B.C.
    Sandy Kemp Canada Ontario

    Agustin Riquelme Mexico Federal District Mexico City
    Alberto Bueno Mexico Nuevo Leon
    Arturo Castillo Mexico
    Fernando Rodriquez Mexico Federal District Mexico City
    Gabriela Gonzalez Mexico Federal District Mexico City
    Guillermo Charles Mexico Nuevo Leon
    Jorge Garcia Gonzalez Mexico Nuevo Leon
    Jose Acuna Mexico Monterrey
    Juan Corte Mexico Puebla
    Mariluz de la Parra Mexico Nuevo Leon
    Miguel Castro Mexico Quintana Roo
    Samuel Bistre Mexico Federal District Mexico City
    Aureliano Rivera Cerna Mexico Nuevo Leon
    Cuahutemoc Vazquez Mexico Michoacan
    Daniel Hernandez Mexico Federal District Mexico City
    Eduardo Ortiz Mexico Quintana Roo
    Isaac Worthalter Mexico Federal District Mexico City
    Salvador Delgado Mexico Quintana Roo
    Silvia Cortes Mexico Nuevo Leon
    Juan Eleazar Siller Mexico Coahuila

    Roland King Caribbean Suriname

    Alison Billaud Australia New South Wales
    Ignatius Mendonca Australia New South Wales
    Jamie Barclay Australia New South Wales
    Jane Challinor Australia New South Wales
    Jeremy Carter Australia New South Wales
    Jim Badans Australia New South Wales
    Joanne Melbourne Australia New South Wales
    Michael Cullen Australia New South Wales
    Rolf Howard Australia New South Wales
    Simon Johnson Australia New South Wales
    Zoe Lamont Australia New South Wales
    Danielle Wicks Australia Queensland
    Donna Kayes Australia Queensland
    Eric Charlier Australia Queensland
    Helene Mearing Australia Queensland
    June Hannan Australia Queensland
    Penny Mercer Australia Queensland
    Suzie Dixon Australia Queensland
    Toby Hollington Australia Queensland
    Avonna Bennett Australia South Australia
    Shayne Jaenisch Australia South Australia
    Damien Digby Australia Victoria
    Tim Greig Australia Victoria

    Clif Shaw New Zealand
    Grant Marshall New Zealand
    Jerome Jacobs New Zealand
    Mike Hirst New Zealand
    Will Fulton New Zealand
    Martin Barnes New Zealand
    David Trim New Zealand
    Denise Gluyas New Zealand
    Glenn McHardie New Zealand
    Greg Joynt New Zealand
    Ian Regan New Zealand
    Jill Fearn New Zealand
    Kevin Heppleston New Zealand
    Martin Jimmink New Zealand
    Stephen Painter New Zealand

    Ben Abadi Indonesia
    Nofianto Utomo Indonesia
    Restiawan Jap Indonesia
    Stephen Chandra Indonesia
    Danny Wangsahardja Indonesia
    Juristian Amadin Indonesia

    Ziyad Maricar Malaysia
    Lizam Karim Malaysia

    Brian Wrigley UK Central Midlands
    Kevin Day UK Central Midlands
    Tom Boyle UK Central Midlands
    Mark Biddlecombe UK East Anglia
    Ray Hutchin UK East Anglia
    Ray Moore UK East Anglia
    Shannon Milsom UK East Anglia
    Adrian Swinscoe UK London
    Andrew Glen UK London
    Daniel Gampl UK London
    Keith Garlick UK London
    Mark Grant UK London
    David Horton UK North East
    Ian Kinnery UK North East
    Ian Petty UK North East
    Jonathan Booker UK North East
    Bruce Taylor UK Scotland
    Christine Thom UK Scotland
    Willie Donald UK Scotland
    Alex Petty UK South Central
    Deon van Zyl UK South Central
    Derek Tyrrell UK South East
    Jon Barr UK South East
    Jonathan Peat UK South East
    Lisa Fullbrook UK South East
    Richard Catt UK South East
    Steve Shaw UK South East
    Tony Horne UK South East
    Jo Pickles UK South West
    Gary Harding UK West Midlands
    Stephen Saunders UK West Midlands
    Andrew Joy UK Yorkshire
    Ian Hamlet UK Yorkshire
    Ian Hargreaves UK Yorkshire
    Samantha Wright UK Yorkshire

    Aileen Gallagher Ireland
    Brian Cavanagh Ireland
    Denis Buckley Ireland
    Jane Hogan Ireland
    Michael Shinnick Ireland
    Rob Johnson Ireland
    Jason McChesney Ireland

    Pascal Homer France

    Jennifer Hernandez Spain
    Antonio Calvo Spain
    German Caro Spain
    Humberto Rosello Spain
    Jose Antonio Garcia de Leaniz Spain
    Juan Carlos Fontcuberta Spain
    Pedro Cerdan Spain
    Santiago Torre Spain
    Victor Gonzales Andres Spain

    Dora Caseiro Portugal
    Paulo Machado Portugal
    Ricardo Cabral Portugal
    Sergio Venceslau Portugal

    Nora Zeelie South Africa
    Robert McKenna South Africa
    Wendy Morgan-Edwards South Africa
    Jennifer Naicker South Africa
    Neerejh Ramlakhan South Africa

    Tom Mitchel United States Arizona
    Steve Watkins United States Arkansas
    Annita McDonald United States California
    Dave Talbott United States California
    Robyn Stein United States California
    Steve Mann United States California
    Betsy Rainville United States Colorado
    Don Rainville United States Colorado
    Yolanda Duperret United States Colorado
    Kevin Jackson United States Connecticut
    Steve Kurcan United States Florida Central & SW
    Angela Whalley United States Georgia
    Dan McNair United States Georgia
    Kirk Bogue United States Georgia
    Marcy Cowan United States Georgia
    Michael Jetter United States Georgia
    Wayne Kurzen United States Georgia
    Craig Lowder United States Illinois
    Rene de Murard United States Illinois
    Jennifer Hines United States Indiana
    Paul Sylvester United States Indiana
    Jerry Akers United States Iowa
    Randy Oakley United States Iowa
    Rod Wittich United States Iowa
    Teresa Propes United States Iowa
    Rachel Butler United States Kentucky
    Tom Butler United States Kentucky
    Brian Kuebler United States Louisiana
    Jim Deluca United States Maryland
    Caleb Powers United States Massachusetts
    Valerie Glynn United States Massachusetts
    Van Smick United States Massachusetts
    Dawn Drozd United States Michigan SE
    Tom Powers United States Michigan SE
    Scott Goss United States Michigan W
    Cory Doden United States Minnesota
    Marty Smith United States Nebraska
    Cheryl Ellis United States New-Jersey
    Larry Fisher United States New-Jersey
    Craig Allison United States North Carolina
    Jody Williams United States North Carolina
    Dennis Willis United States Ohio N.
    Bryan Sirak United States Ohio S.
    Cyndi McAlpine United States Ohio S.
    David Parish United States Ohio S.
    Jon Shehane United States Ohio S.
    Nicholas Kontras United States Ohio S.
    Ryan Burgoon United States Ohio S.
    Andreas Loeffler United States Oregon
    Jared Roth United States Oregon
    Norm Harris United States Oregon
    Steven Senderling United States Oregon
    Ann Turner United States Pennsylvania
    Graham Side United States Pennsylvania
    Marcia Rynearson United States Pennsylvania
    Pat Putman United States Pennsylvania
    Tom Reed United States Pennsylvania
    Josh McGinnis United States Tennessee
    Richard Grathwohl United States Texas N
    Mark Taylor United States Texas S
    Patsy Foxworth United States Texas S
    Paul McDermott United States Texas S
    Ryan Cooper United States Texas S
    Ulf Becker United States Texas S
    Daniel Imthurn United States Washington
    Isabella McPeak, MBA United States Washington
    Rosann Farmer United States Washington
    Christopher Carman United States Wisconsin
    Tim Dollmeyer United States Wisconsin


    May 1, 2011 at 11:28 am

    • I am looking at obtaining a ActionCoach franchise and found this bog as I was doing my due-diligence. As I am aware of possible ‘bad losers’ blaming everybody else for there failures, I started to look at the LinkedIn profiles of many of the people on the list. I was surprised to find that most of them are still with ActionCoach or at least still in the coaching business after many years with ActionCoach. Some have moved on to greater things after ActionCoach. Yes, there a few that gave up after only a short while.

      My conclusion is that one’s personal contributions are more important than that what a franchisor can contribute in the coaching game. There is also definitely an attempt to make ActionCoach worse than what they probably are. It does not help anybody if irresponsible people for what ever reason post factually incorrect and misleading comments like this.

      Looks like there is a huge crowd of ‘feel sorry for myself, I have been taken’ individuals that got into something they should not have gotten into following his blog. The first question to ask one self is, will someone else like to have you as a business coach if you blame a franchisor for your own failures. Tough, but true.

      The Fact Verifier

      November 5, 2015 at 2:46 am

      • Take it from someone who has personally built 2 companies from the ground up and sold them for 7 figures. Their tools are dated, the organization over promises and under delivers. The small percentage of people who have succeeded have done so IN SPITE of Actioncoach and not because of it. On one hand, Mr. Sugars was a genius in that he created a franchise model that would appeal to white collar professionals looking to buy a franchise that didn’t entail food, maid services, oil change stations, etc. Do your research first and you’ll see the carnage.


        January 17, 2018 at 8:03 pm

  9. With fewer than 720 active coaches worldwide and only 242 still operating in the U.S., (down from a high point of about 320 end 2008) ActionCoach has finally decided to give franchises away. The latest scam is a campaign called Franchise for the Forces , an effort to keep numbers from falling even further while trying to look patriotic.
    Complete details are available on

    Only a 100 free franchises are available so hurry to apply while “this once in a lifetime opportunity for Veterans who are interested in getting into business for themselves…” lasts.

    They continue their B.S. about more than a 1000 offices in 34 countries and in spite of the on-going free fall in franchise numbers, Jodie Shaw continues to tell all that “business coaching is in high demand. Despite an extremely frail economy, our franchisees have enjoyed a 20 percent increase in average quarter over quarter revenue in 2010..”

    God knows what exactly that is supposed to mean but it least it confirms that ActionCoach is perfectly capable of monitoring franchisee earnings when it wants to which in turns means that, contrary to what Brad Sugars was telling everyone not so long ago, they have no material problem provided item 19 info in their FDD…Isn’t that interesting!

    Franchise for the Forces

    May 4, 2011 at 2:04 pm

  10. I bought a franchise. The licence cost me $32k. Training was another $18k. Annual “Management Fees” were “$18k. Marketing Fees were 5% of income (so there is no doubt that total franchise income copuld be gleaned very easily!).

    In total over three years I paid OUT around $110k. It is a VERY GREEDY franchise.

    A lot of the time on training was spent on client acquisition, which was death by powerpoint.

    I left the franchise because I was disgusted at the behaviour of other coaches in my area – unprofessional, selfish, refusing to share information (so much for “abundance”)

    I made just a handful friends in Actioncoach who had integrity and high values. Sadly, some of them were bankrupted by the franchise.

    When I left there were nearly 30 coaches in our area. Now there is only a timy handful, thankfully.

    I would not recommend this franchise to anyone. There is little unique IPR that cannot be assimilated eaasily elsewhere.

    Overall, an unhappy and frustrating three years of my life. I felt completely mis-sold.

    Actioncoach give business coaching a bad name, and the sooner it disappears the better.


    May 13, 2011 at 11:35 am

  11. ActionCoach is promoting the “Free Franchise for the Forces” offer all over the web making claims which remain as fraudulent, if not to say laughable, as ever.

    On Facebook
    they claim that “ ActionCOACH Business Coaches coach an estimated 15,000 businesses every week”.

    Since there are about 720 active coach franchisees, (more on this later) this means that on average, each coach has more 20 coaching clients. Anyone who has every worked with ActionCoach knows this is total bunk.

    They then claim that

    “ActionCOACH has proved to be a recession-proof business, with more owners than ever seeking help for their companies. In a study conducted by the company, one if five qualified business owners sign on to an ActionCOACH program.”

    This is another very interesting piece of information begging at least two questions:

    1. If ActionCoach is such a recession proof business why have at least 25% of the franchisees present in Feb 2010 quit the franchise since then?
    2. Since there are about 1.7 million businesses in the U.S. with between 5 and 19 employees if “one in five qualified business owners sign on to an ActionCoach program” doesn’t that mean there would be more than 330000 business owners being coached?

    Continuing with the B.S. and highly ambiguous claims, ActionCoach then tells us that

    “despite the current economic recession, ActionCOACH franchisees have enjoyed a 20% quarter over quarter increase in revenue in 2010.”

    Very hard to know what this is supposed to mean. Maybe there was a 20% improvement in one quarter compared to another but that tells us nothing about the performance over the year. Since franchisees continue to vote massively with their feet a lot of scepticism is in order.

    Lastly, ActionCoach claims that

    “The selected candidates will join the ranks of over 1,000 Business Coaches in 34 countries and become part of an award winning, global business coaching company.”

    Again the number “over 1000 Business Coaches in 34 countries” is pure bunk. Recent Coach numbers by country based on names published on were as follows:

    U.S. : 242
    Canada: 30
    Caribbean: 4
    Chile: 3
    Australia: 112
    New Zealand: 17
    Indonesia: 19
    Malaysia: 10
    Singapore: 3
    U.K.: 118
    Ireland: 13
    France: 38
    Spain: 5
    Portugal: 13
    Hungary: 1
    South Africa: 16
    TOTAL: 718

    Now I may be missing out on something but I know for a fact that the name of any new coach is published very quickly on and that on the contrary, it sometimes takes a while for the names of those who have quit to be removed. Based on this, I am very curious to know where the missing 280 + coaches are and will believe the Action Coach claim of over a 1000 Business Coaches worldwide when they publish a verifiable breakdown by country.

    To conclude, that is a heck of a lot of hogwash, half truths and downright lies in one short post on Facebook by the patriots of ActionCoach and if ActionCoach is such an “ ideal business opportunity for anyone” why the need for so much crap?


    May 15, 2011 at 9:23 am

  12. ActionCoach launched its Franchise for the Forces initiative back in April announcing their intention to give away 100 FREE FRANCHISES to military veterans.

    The programme was due to end on the 31st October 2011.

    Can you imagine, they were giving this extraordinary business opportunity away totally free, no strings attached, just line up and sign on the dotted line….So, how did this brilliant initiative work out?

    Well apparently, even when they are giving them away for free, there are not too many takers. Maybe most vets know how to use a computer and did a little research up front.

    Since April 2011, 15 new people (who probably didn’t do much internet research) signed on with ActionCoach in the U.S.

    Frank Wilde/ Colorado
    Joni Inman/Colorado
    Catherine MacAskill/ Florida
    Andy O’Brien/Iowa
    Drew Schwegman/Kentucky
    Trent Robbins/Massachusetts
    Jason Radford/Michigan
    Jim Jubelirer/North Carolina
    Trey Finley/Texas
    Michael Rager/Texas
    Kirby Kaden/Texas
    Patrick Overby/North Carolina
    Tom Maier/Connecticut
    Michel Zimet/District of Colombia
    Harvey Eisner/Nevada

    There may be a few veterans among these people but if ActionCoach are looking to make up the numbers, they are going to have to try something else. How about paying people to join the franchise…? With all the millions the Lider Maximo and savior of small business , Brad Sugars, has stashed away over the years he could probably afford to buy himslf a ready to use franchise network…:-)

    Even more interesting, over the same 6 month period 43 coaches quit, demonstrating yet again, that absolutely nothing this franchise says should be taken at face value.

    Andrea Douglass/Arizona
    Steve Douglass/Arizona
    Alan Huang/California
    Brian Newport/California
    David Wong/California
    Juliette Donohue/California
    Linda Bigler/California
    Marty Shea/California
    Rich Phillips/California
    Bob Kademian/Connecticut
    Marc Tannenbaum/Connecticut
    John Lankford/Florida
    Jason Adler/Georgia
    Joy Johnson/Georgia
    Leonard Rothman/Georgia
    Mike Audet/Georgia
    Scott Steidle/Georgia
    Yamini Virani/Georgia
    Greg Fields/Indiana
    Steve Thalls/Indiana
    Mike Abdouch/Iowa
    Duane Shover/Kentucky
    Douglas Shamlin/Maryland
    Jon O Malley/Minnesota
    Kevan Woodson/Minnesota
    Jim Barger/Nebraska
    Howard Rabin/New York
    Ben Quinn/North Carolina
    Mike Klinetobe/North Carolina
    Ralph Berge/Ohio.
    David & Linda Brincks/Ohio.
    Laurie Althaus/Ohio
    Steve White/Ohio
    Carolyn Turner/Oregon
    Jill Palamountain/Oregon
    Arnelle Adcock/Tennessee
    Dick Sullivan/Tennessee
    Keith Beddingfield./Tennessee
    Kim Guinn/Tennessee
    Shelly Gary/Tennessee
    Rick O’Brien/Texas
    Frank Saffoori/Virginia
    Jason Weil/Washington

    In Brad we trust

    October 16, 2011 at 2:07 am

  13. This website truly has all the information and facts I needed
    about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

    cold sores

    December 20, 2012 at 9:38 am

  14. “How about some real Transparency? ActionCoach Transparency” ended up being a fantastic post.
    If solely there was more sites such as this particular one
    in the actual online world. Anyway, thanks a lot for your personal
    precious time, Etsuko

  15. […] I remember a specific case in the franchise industry where the CEO of a business coaching franchise (after being pummeled with bad reviews from ex-franchisees) took the matter into his own hands. He reportedly did this in an attempt to shut-down all of the negative online reviews. […]

  16. Well I am glad I came to read this blog, having been recently contacted by ActionCoach and needed some different view of the story they paint so glossy and dandy on their websites. Was surprised with how few criticizing websites or blogs were there to give a different bit of the truth but hey I am lucky I stumbled upon this!!! A million Thanks!


    April 7, 2014 at 11:24 am

  17. kaihaxl


    April 7, 2017 at 10:45 pm

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